Core Values & Commitments

We Have One Goal: To Be America’s Leading Sitework Contractor

When the Castle construction team finishes a job to your expectations, there are no beauty shots. No state-of-the-art architecture to be submitted for awards. There is, however, a site – prepped and ready for vertical construction, a parking garage or any other building opportunity.

team leaders

Team Leaders

Leading by Example

Though we have grown rapidly over the past several years, the Castle team still closely works as a family. Led by a team of individuals who have played a big part in that growth, this team of leaders proves every day that their commitment to their partners, work ethic in the field and dedication to our clients make all the difference.

In the Community

Giving Back Where it Matters — with Our Hearts and with Our Hands

There is no better feeling than knowing you changed someone’s life for the better through kindness, thoughtfulness and hard work. Our goal is to give to the communities where we live and to thank them for the opportunities and experiences we’ve shared together.

Our History

A History of Positioning our Clients for Success

Founded in 1995, the history of Castle Contracting begins with a strong vision fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit. The company quickly made a name for itself in the St. Louis metropolitan area and across the Midwest for its professionalism, commitment to quality and exceptional outcomes in civil construction. By seeking and adapting to better ways of ensuring high levels of client satisfaction, Castle built upon its traditional hard bid projects and grew into relationship-focused, full-service civil work. The team’s desire to evolve and think differently created opportunities to provide a more modern approach to civil construction, which starts by utilizing cutting-edge underground mapping tools that strategically locate and illustrate existing utilities to help reduce risk of the unknown. This focus on innovation elevates our overall performance and creates an exceptional experience for our clients.

Our history is paved with a rich legacy of project success, top talent, creative solutions and hard work. As a result, Castle has added offices in Omaha and San Diego, and we continue to expand our service offerings on a national scale. We want to redefine the delivery of high-risk civil design and construction services through mutually advantageous partnerships with peers, clients and communities.

Today, Castle provides a turnkey solution for our clients, offering everything from site selection to design-build or design-assist through general bid work. Our strong relationships with utility companies makes securing permits and working with them on design changes in the field easy – keeping projects squarely on schedule.

Awards & Recognition

Winning Awards is Great — but Winning You Over is Even Better

When a high-quality project is awarded to us — we begin the process of exceeding expectations for every client. If that results in awards, great. If we don’t happen to win awards but our clients are happy with the work — then we both win. 

Employee Owners

Ownership is About You

Accountability is a word used often at Castle. Why? Because as a 100 percent employee-owned company, there is no passing the buck when tough decisions need to be made or when responsibility needs to be taken. We all proudly play important roles in the process of setting your project up for success.