construction site with construction workers

Core Values & Commitments

Core Values

Genuine; We, not I; All In

When you walk onto one of our sites, it’s likely you won’t get far without hearing one of our core values or witnessing the way we directly apply them to our work on behalf of our clients and partners. Never perceived as an initiative, living our values is just a part of how we work.

Genuine, We, Not I, and All In are not just our core values, they are the way we do business every day. By showing respect for our work and our clients and demonstrating an unwavering belief in teamwork, we are able to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships that stand the test of time.

Our Commitment to You

Integrity, Intensity, Intelligence

The three “I’s” have been a part of our evolution and continue to be our commitment to you on every job. Those three words are a great way of saying we bring honesty, a focus on understanding the changing world of construction, and we never stop thinking, learning and applying what we learn to maximize every project and ultimately benefit our clients and partners.

Every member of the Castle team is linked through our anchor philosophy of Integrity, Intensity and Intelligence. Integrity means we won’t tell you what we think you want to hear – we will provide you with truthful, honest solutions for completing your project. Our intense approach toward safety, strong relationships with local utilities and our deep understanding of environmental regulations helps us take the risk away from you. Our intelligent and informed solutions to the toughest client challenges are among our best traits.


Opportunity for All

We work with diverse types of projects from a wide range of clients so it only makes sense to think the same way when we hire and staff projects. Perspectives from all backgrounds complete the picture – and we firmly believe that is something we owe our clients and our communities.


Our Promise

We promise to work in ways that achieve sustainability for our clients and our communities by always approaching our work in an earth-friendly way. We start by understanding the local and national guideline for sustainable construction. We then offer sustainable civil construction practices that fall within those limits to our clients. It is our objective to provide our projects with maximum LEED certification points whenever possible.