What Role Does an Excavating Contractor Play?

Excavation contractors are responsible for preparing land for construction. They oversee changing the landscape by moving dirt, rocks, trees and more, typically using a wide range of heavy machinery. Continue reading to learn the basics of what an excavation contractor does. This article is ideal for readers who are new to the industry. 

An excavation contractor’s duties may include:

› Digging

› Grading


› Leveling

Soil Compaction

› Installation of Specialty Soils

As part of this process, the excavation contractor makes certain that the site has the necessary infrastructure in place. This may include trenching to install sewers, utilities, wells and any supports required in the foundation. They may also play a role in landscaping if the project needs it. 

Excavating Contractor Definition

The excavating contractor plays an extremely important role in construction, preparing the site for construction. Their team uses heavy equipment and is in charge of site development. They contribute to the project also by completing their work in a timely manner to keep the rest of the construction schedule moving forward. 

Additional Responsibilities of an Excavation Contractor

More specifically, the excavation contractor is often responsible for:

› Roads

› Driveways

› Sidewalks

› Drainage

› Demolition

Haul-off or import

In large-scale projects, mass excavation is required to get expansive sites ready for construction. Structural excavation is needed to prepare the footprint for foundations and basements of a vertical structure.  Both require a fleet of heavy machinery and a large crew that has understanding and experience in earthmoving to precise measurements. 

Castle Contracting’s Earthmoving Services

Castle Contracting offers earthmoving as a service. We make certain earthwork for your project is done to your specification and in accordance with your timeline. Our team is experienced and prepared for the specialized excavation work that comes along with complex sites.

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