Press Release: 02.19.2020

Introducing Castle Insights

Sepia photo of man surveying with text Castle Insights

Digging into Castle Insights

We’re passionate about civil construction. Properly preparing your construction site is essential to keeping your project on schedule and budget. Timely, in-depth knowledge from an industry leader will help you make your next project your best project.

Stay in front of an evolving industry. Civil construction, and what qualifies as industry leading safety, quality and services, is changing quickly. Every quarter, we’ll share essential information about the new trends, technology and processes you need to know about before starting your next project.

A history of positioning clients for success. Since our founding in 1995, we’ve focused on thinking differently and bringing a modern approach to civil construction. Twenty-five years later, we’re still innovating and delivering value for our clients. Castle Insights is the latest example of how we’re working to ensure you have an exceptional civil construction experience.


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