Editorial: 07.21.2021

Joe Voypick Lays Down Roots in Omaha

joe voypick

Nine months ago, Joe Voypick started a new position at a new office in a new city.

Excited to sign on with Castle’s young Omaha office, he was also a bit unsure what to expect when he relocated to the Cornhusker State.

But it turned out to be an excellent decision.

“I’m enjoying the opportunity to be part of a startup office, with the backing of a larger company as a supporting arm,” Voypick says. “It's been really comfortable and fun.”

As project senior engineer, Voypick works closely with Project Manager Dustin Moyer in helping to manage current projects and build new client relationships. His daily tasks range from completing estimates on project pursuits to taking on an increasingly significant role in managing his own jobs.

“I really enjoy the independence that I've been granted to take on as much as I can, with the goal of managing the manpower, schedule and logistics of larger jobs,” he says. “It’s an ideal opportunity to be part of something that has the potential to become a much larger something.”

Growing up in southern Illinois, Voypick originally thought he wanted to become an architect, but shifted that career ambition when he discovered his aptitude for math and science. “Both of my parents are engineers, so I guess I was sort of predestined for that field,” he says. 

After earning a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, he quickly secured a position as project engineer with McCarthy Building Companies. “I was sent to Oklahoma to work on the Oklahoma Heart Hospital project,” he says.

For about 18 months, he worked on the emergency department expansion at the existing hospital, a small project that was separate from the new hospital tower McCarthy was also constructing. “It was a fortunate position for me because it was small team, and I had lots of responsibility right out of the gate,” he says.

After that project wrapped up, Castle Vice President of Operations Michael Pranger approached Voypick with the opportunity to join Castle’s new Omaha office.

"I really didn't know much about Castle, but he convinced me to take the opportunity, and I'm glad I did,” he says. “I think most of the company has high expectations for this office, and we do too.”

In April, Voypick visited Castle’s St. Louis office and had the opportunity to meet most of his colleagues face to face. “I’ve been impressed by how approachable and willing to help everyone has been,” he says.

Voypick has also developed an affinity for Omaha. “It just has a nice hometown feel. I've only been here for nine months, but it feels like I've known the place for a while,” he says.

He and his girlfriend, Demeri, recently purchased and moved into their own house, located just across the Iowa border. They share the home with Bailey and Zoey, their two beagles.

A detached shop at the house has been handy during the home renovation process and allows Voypick to enjoy his woodworking hobby.

And the home’s close proximity to Lake Manawa supports kayaking, boating and other outdoor activities. “We can walk to the lake and drop the kayaks in, or take a quick five-minute drive and drop the boat in,” he says.

Demeri, who Voypick met on the first day of college orientation, has also taken a liking to Omaha. She works as a child life specialist, a healthcare professional who helps kids cope with the challenges of hospitalization, illness and disability. “She’s an incredible person and has been extremely successful in a competitive field,” he says. 


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