Understanding Subsurface Utility Mapping and Installation

Utility mapping is a vital part of any construction project, no matter the size.

Finding unexpected subsurface utilities during construction increases the risk of unsafe conditions, as well as the creation of significant roadblocks for timelines and potential budget increases. Having an accurate utility map before breaking ground reduces the risk of unexpected delays while also increasing safety. 

What Is a Utility Map? 

A utility map is a map that provides a clear indication of the exact location of underground utilities, allowing a project to be planned around that existing infrastructure. A thorough utility map includes identification of buried sewer lines, stormwater lines, electric and telecommunication cables, gas lines and water mains.

Castle Contracting offers subsurface utility mapping as a service, using a variety of technologies to create accurate and reliable utility maps.  

What Is Underground Utility Mapping? 

Subsurface, or underground, utility mapping services use radar and other technologies to gain visibility below the surface of a building site to pinpoint and map the length of all existing underground utilities. These non-intrusive methods allow us to generate an extensive utility map without ever breaking ground. 

Castle Contracting uses a suite of tools to generate industry-leading utility maps. We also offer underground utility mapping as a standalone service for any project. 

Underground utility mapping offers the following benefits: 

› Improves design and constructability 

› Reduces unknowns and safety risks, especially in urban environments 

› Prevents utility outages 

› Enhances accuracy of project schedules and budgets 

› Improves site safety 

› Mitigate cost increases caused by unknown obstacles

What Is Utility Installation? 

Utility installation is a broadly defined service, including the laying of sewer and water lines, gas lines, telecommunications cables, electric cables and any other necessary utilities for a project to be completed. 

Building owners and communities rely heavily on the professional installation of these vital utilities. Castle Contracting offers site preparation, as well as repair and installation of a variety of underground utilities.

Learn more about our utility site preparation and installation services.  


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