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Electrical Infrastructure

Electrical Infrastructure Installations

Electrical Infrastructure Installation Services

Electrical infrastructure powers any and every commercial building. Integrating complex electrical elements into the construction process plays a critical role in meeting the future needs of the facility. And as needs and technology change, building owners need to implement new electrical features.

No matter the size, capacity or intended function of your new commercial project, the Castle team offers the expertise to coordinate and install subsurface electrical infrastructure into your project.

What Is Electrical Infrastructure?

Electrical infrastructure includes any element of a facility associated with the layout and installation of electrical equipment. Castle performs construction services related to underground and surface infrastructure, including excavation and trenching for subsurface electrical elements, installation of rebar and concrete for ductbanks, installation of conduit and more.

Today’s modern buildings demand more electrical and digital capacity than ever. At Castle, we offer electrical infrastructure excavation and construction expertise to meet ever-growing power demands today and in the future.

Here to Serve Emerging Clean Energy Electrical Needs

More and more new building projects are prioritizing sustainable energy to meet their electrical needs. Castle is an industry leader in supporting renewable electrical infrastructure to new building sites, for priorities like:

  • EV charging station installation
  • Rooftop and ground-fixed solar array installation
  • Onsite wind turbine installation
  • Battery storage facilities

Common Commercial Construction Electrical Installation

Our experienced team prepares your site to accommodate any electrical needs, including:

Electrical grounding systems

Electrical duct banks

Conduit connection points

Communication infrastructure (Internet, phone and ethernet)

Electrical panels

  • All electrical installation and power projects
  • HVAC equipment
  • Security systems
  • Exterior lighting
  • EV charging stations
  • Wire and cable management
  • And more

Your Construction Project Starts With Castle Contracting

Your site development partner lays the groundwork to a successful new facility – literally. Set your commercial construction up for success. Contact Castle about our subsurface electrical infrastructure services today or explore more of our services to see everything Castle can do for you.