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Civil Engineering Services

Civil engineers design, build and maintain the systems and infrastructure that define the world we live in. Castle’s civil engineering team can design all the components for site development, including major site utilities, grading and earthwork, and stormwater management. Our objective is to collaborate with our clients to create a civil design that achieves your goals and needs efficiently and effectively.

The site itself and what lies beneath the ground is often one of the riskiest components of a project. As a civil builder, we work to provide a holistic understanding of the site so owners can make informed decisions that could impact construction, including value engineering services. We work with Authorities Having Jurisdiction, municipalities and public utilities to make sure your project stays on track and is approved in a timely manner. Since we build the project we design, you receive seamless continuity from concept through construction completion.

Castle’s civil engineering services include:

Planning & Zoning Services
Board of Adjustment Services
Stormwater Management
Hydraulic Analysis
Hydrologic Analysis
Channel Protection
Flood Protection
Best Management Practices (BMPs)
Sustainability Design (LEED)
Low Impact Development
Stormwater Quality
Concept Design
Bridging Documents
Schematic Documents
Design Development


Construction Documents
Construction Contract Administration
Cost Estimating
Subsurface Utility Mapping
Site Development & Improvement Plans
Grading Plans & Earthwork Balance
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
Erosion & Sediment Control Design
Roadway & Pavement Design
Parking Lot Design
Retaining Walls
Sewers & Site Utilities
Sanitary Sewers & Lift Stations
Site Feasibility Studies
Water Systems


To support our civil engineering and civil design-build services, Castle performs a variety of land surveying. Surveys provide information that is used to develop efficient civil design and produce project deliverables that can be incorporated into virtual design and construction. Surveys include:

  • ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey
  • Boundary & Improvement Survey
  • Topographic Survey
  • Strip Map Survey
  • Route/Roadway Survey
  • Elevation Certifications
  • Easement Preparation & Exhibits
  • 3D Laser Scanning & Modeling
  • Subsurface Utility Mapping 
  • Machine Control Modeling (construction grading)
  • Geometric Design (Construction) Layout
  • Graphic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • As-Built Surveys

Site Analysis Services

Project owners realize that the project site is one of the first big hurdles to get over for their project to move forward. Site acquisition, subsurface unknowns, cost, environmental challenges, and more can all impact a project’s viability. Castle can provide early site analysis to help owners make informed decisions on site selection, project design, constructability and budget.

Budget Planning and Cost Certainty

As an owner, it’s important to understand the magnitude of a project, cost implications, and design options. We collaborate with clients so they understand these components and don’t encounter surprises later in the project life cycle where cost impacts only grow. We are focused on being a genuine partner to our clients by developing creative solutions that add value and help the bottom line.

Why Choose Castle for Civil Engineering Services?

Our engineers sit right across from our project managers who oversee construction, so we also incorporate a boots-on-the-ground perspective for a thorough approach to design.

Castle’s team of experts possess extensive experience to create the best-fit site design for your project, develop top quality construction documents, and keep your project on time and on budget. Utilizing best-in-class technology and knowledge, we can save money by virtually designing and constructing your site before we ever start digging. We can also provide deliverables that integrate with your overall Building Information Model for use by the whole project team.

Learn more about partnering with Castle Contracting on your next civil engineering construction project by submitting our contact form today. Or reach out to Brian Carlson directly using the contact information below:


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