man working on a water line

Water Lines

Water Line Installation & Repairs

Every facility requires carefully designed water lines to ensure that it will receive adequate water pressure from the system.

Castle Contracting provides end-to-end utilities installation service for construction projects of all sizes and scopes, including pipe handling. Our experienced crews work with your design and existing utilities to create a seamless and effective water line installation plan. And with decades of experience in the industry, we know how to accomplish these objectives on time and within budget.

Water Line Repairs

Over time, existing water lines may sustain damage or fail to meet the growing needs of the structure they serve. Tree roots, mineral deposits and frost heave are just a few natural conditions that can damage water lines. If you are facing an emergency water line repair, call Castle Contracting. Our crews assess the situation, determine the appropriate course of action and get the repair done. We’re also agile enough to offer a fast response, particularly for St. Louis utilities services.

Contact us to discuss your upcoming water line installation or repair project.