Sound Planning Reduces Risk

Some of the biggest risks on a job include service interruptions due to unknown systems below ground and complicated utility installations through a maze of old lines. We work with the designers and engineers early to create a solid plan.  

Do It Right the First Time – Every Time

Because much of our work happens underground, it’s absolutely critical that we do everything we can to eliminate potential problems for our clients and building partners. This often starts with understanding what potential problems lie beneath the surface before we break ground.

In Our Business, Quality Starts with a Commitment

Just like our safety program, a commitment to quality is embedded in our culture – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. From trenching and utilities to solar and sitework, we take individual responsibility for ensuring quality at turnover – because we understand that most times, when our work ends, more work begins. When the work done underground is of high quality, we feel confident that the next phase of the project can start off right.

Advancing Quality Through Best Practices

By mapping our underground projects first, we have a full understanding of the pitfalls we may encounter and can then develop several options for moving forward from that point. There has never been a time when we haven’t found potential conflicts that could result in re-work, a utility disruption or even worse, a dangerous and costly leak. Every time we look beneath the surface, we learn something — and so do our clients.