First on Site – We Set the Tone for Safety

Staying safe and keeping everyone around us out of harm’s way is not only necessary, it’s the most important thing we do. Completing site development and utility work with safety as a primary goal sets the stage for a safe project from start to finish. Our multi-pronged, comprehensive safety program is part of our company culture and runs through the entire organization. 

Underground Work Has Unique Safety Requirements

Sitework almost exclusively occurs underground, which often includes reduced light, tightly constrained spaces and the possibility for exposure to contaminants, fire and even explosion. In short, working in underground environments presents different hazards than vertical construction.

Our team is well prepared for the unique safety challenges of working underground. 

Goal for accidents

Collaboration Is the Key to Success

We work on active healthcare and education campuses, on roadways and in the middle of major metropolitan areas. Busy people are everywhere – many of whom are your customers, students and staff. It takes more than just a good plan to pull off a completely safe jobsite – it takes collaboration and commitment from us, our partners, our clients and every person on site.

There’s No Such Thing as Overcommunicating

Well, there is such a thing – but in this case, it’s a good thing. We believe in alerting, reminding, reiterating and rewarding because those are the ways we know we get attention. Signage, task hazard analysis meetings, frequent drop-ins by our safety personnel – they all make a huge difference because they reinforce the simple fact that at Castle, safety is the most important thing we do.

Awards and Recognition

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2018 Construction Project Safety Award

Washington University East End Transformation Project
AGC Missouri

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2018 Zero Recordable Accidents Safety Award

AGC Missouri

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1997-2001 ASA Safety Award

American Subcontractors Association
Midwest Council


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Trey Patterson

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