Editorial: 09.29.2022

5 Reasons Why it’s Wise to Engage Castle Early

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One of the challenges of civil construction work is that it often takes place underground and hidden from view.  

In other words, it’s not always apparent what Castle crews may uncover until they analyze a site and start digging. Whether it’s underground utilities that haven’t been accurately documented or debris from previously demolished structures, unforeseen complications can wreak havoc on a project’s schedule and budget.  

That’s why it’s always wise to enlist our expertise as early as possible in project planning and preconstruction.  

Here are five specific ways Castle adds value to the planning and design phase of construction projects.  

1. To identify risks before they become realities. 

As the specialty trade partner providing self-perform civil construction, Castle can identify site preparation and utility construction risks before these potential issues become real-life complications that derail a project. 

We have access to a wide range of tools and resources, including subsurface utility mapping technologies such as ground-penetrating radar to pinpoint and map the length of all existing underground utilities before ground is broken. This upfront effort pays dividends later. 

2. To develop accurate, reliable budgets. 

Our experienced estimating team is skilled at developing realistic budgets and continually refining those budgets as a design evolves. The reality is, we are often brought in late to bid documents that lack the level of detail to provide cost certainty and efficient construction. 

By engaging Castle during preconstruction, we can reduce unknowns, which helps limit the number of questions and challenges that occur during construction because many issues have already been solved in advance.  

3. To build more efficiently.  

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When our team reviews design documents, we’re not just searching for potential issues and conflicts that may impact construction. 

We’re also looking for opportunities to save time and/or money by using alternative materials or construction techniques as well as creative and efficient approaches to putting work in place. Early involvement allows for Castle’s input on critical path scheduling items and coordination with other trade partners, including mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fire protection and concrete contractors. In fact, the cost savings of our recommendations almost always exceed the total cost of Castle’s preconstruction services. 

4. To enlist our in-house design expertise. 

Engaging Castle at the front end of projects also supports the continuity of projects.  

Even if a project isn’t part of a civil design-build process, we can enlist our in-house civil designers to review designs and collaborate with project engineers to ensure a project is constructible earlier in the planning stages and set up for success.  

5. To guide smart decision-making.  

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As owners and construction teams continue to face cost escalation and supply chain issues, they’re increasingly challenged to keep projects on track and moving forward.  

Having a civil construction partner with the expertise, successful track record and extensive supplier relationships is key to helping clients navigate these tricky issues and make smart decisions.  

Anyone who’s ever worked in construction knows that complications are much simpler and less expensive to address before a design has been finalized and construction crews are deployed on a project.  

That’s why we do our best work when our team is engaged early in a project. It’s when we can have the most influence on project outcomes — and bring the most value as a partner. 


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