Editorial: 12.14.2021

Amy Henderson Helps the Castle Warehouse Run Smoothly

amy henderson

As warehouse administrator, Amy Henderson wears many hats. On any given day, she might be approving equipment invoices, reconciling credit card statements, licensing a new vehicle, managing fuel and maintenance of the vehicle fleet, fulfilling DOT compliance and safety requirements or ordering office supplies.

“I support our yard crew and the field staff whenever they need help,” she says. I also make sure everything is stocked around here and help the building run smoothly.”

Originally hired as an accounting assistant in 2011, Henderson spent the first five years of her Castle career focused on processing and approving project invoices while supporting project managers, the controller and CFO.

When she transferred to the warehouse in 2016, her accounting experience served as valuable training for the newly created role. “I probably approve at least 100 invoices a week, including equipment rentals, small tools, truck repairs and vehicle maintenance,” she says. “It’s a lot at times, but I’ve been doing it so long it doesn’t faze me.”

In addition, Henderson developed expertise in new areas such as Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance and safety requirements. She’s built her knowledge through collaboration with Equipment Manager Doug Thurman, personal research and self-education. “I enjoy learning new tasks and would be bored if I couldn’t keep learning new things,” she says.

She’s grateful for the opportunity to work alongside a fun, laid-back group of yard and warehouse partners. “We all get along and work together really well,” she says. “And the work atmosphere is great.”

Henderson also appreciates the flexibility and autonomy of her job. “No one micromanages me. I'm just trusted to do my job, and I like that a lot. My boss David Denny is supportive and takes my ideas into consideration,” she says.

Throughout her 11-year career at Castle, Henderson has valued the company’s supportive culture. “Castle has always had my back whenever I needed professional of personal support,” she says. “I appreciate everything that Castle has done for me over the years and everybody that I've worked with. It's been the best work experience I've ever had.”

Because she works in a different location than most of her colleagues, Henderson looks forward to getting together with them at Castle parties and events. “It’s great to catch up with everyone since I don’t see the majority of them every day,” she says.

Henderson lives in Columbia, Illinois, with her husband, Jason, and 18-year-old daughter, Riley. She also has a married stepdaughter, Melanie, and two grandsons: six-year-old Aiden and one-year-old Enrique. “I love playing with my grandbabies and have no problem at all being called grandma,” she admits.

In her free time, Henderson likes to cook, craft and travel to the beach. “My husband and I are beach bums and try to get our toes in the sand as often as possible,” she says. “During the spring and summer, I'm always outside either in my pool or just hanging out.”

She also enjoys making home décor. “Most of my coworkers know that Halloween is my favorite holiday, and that I enjoy making Halloween crafts,” says Henderson, who also makes ornaments, door signs and other holiday gifts. “I get a lot of craft ideas from Facebook and picking up items at Dollar Tree.”


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