Editorial: 09.21.2023

Clint Erickson Enjoys the Fast Pace of Castle Jobs

clint erickson

As a teenager, Clint Erickson got a head start on his peers by learning how to install box culverts and build foundations and walls for box bridges.

These practical skills not only helped him earn some cash during the summer months, but they also served as a gateway to his future construction career. “As I learned how to perform different things, I started to enjoy it more,” he says. “I went to college for a year, but realized that it really wasn't for me and ended up back in construction… and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

Training to Be a Construction Superintendent

Prior to joining Castle in 2020 as a general foreman, Erickson completed more than two decades of hands-on experience at construction firms in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. The scope of his project work included commercial footings, vertical concrete, pipework, storm sewers and paving projects.

When Project Manager Dustin Moyer approached Erickson to join the growing Castle Omaha team, he jumped at the opportunity. “At Castle, you aren't just a number,” he says. “There’s lots of room for you to climb the ladder. And the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program) is a huge deal.”

Since coming on board, he’s overseen a series of unique projects — from the excavation of a 23-foot deep foundation at one of the busiest intersections in downtown Omaha to foundation and utility work for the installation of new bleachers at Buena Vista High School.

Erickson enjoys the diversity of his work. “We do so many different things, and it’s constantly changing,” he says. “I just finished a job at Creighton University, am starting a job at the University of Nebraska Omaha and am also doing some work at WarHorse Casino in Omaha,” he says.

The Thrill of Fast-paced Construction Work 

The quick pace of the work also appeals to Erickson, and many of his jobs last only a few weeks. “I don't really like sitting on a job for two or three years….that's not my thing,” he says. “Six months is about as long as I want to spend on any job before I move on to the next one.”

He and fellow Superintendent Bobby Humphrey split up Castle projects based on expertise and availability. “Bobby is more skilled and experienced in earthwork, and I have a little more time in shoring and deeper excavation jobs,” he says. “I probably talk to him three to four times a day, and we share the same manpower a lot.”

Erickson lives in Waverly, Nebraska, with his wife, Angela, and two daughters: Ashlyn, 14; and Rilea, 11. “My wife works in sales, and I'm pretty sure both of my daughters are headed in that direction because they are constantly trying to sell me on stuff — and they're fairly good at it,” he laughs.

When he’s not working or spending time with his family, there’s a good chance Erickson is hunting deer. “I grew up on 400 acres of pasture and river bottom, and ever since I pulled the trigger, I've been hunting something,” he says. “Our deer season runs from September 1 all the way to January 31 for archery, so I try to hunt every weekend that’s available.”

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