Editorial: 12.22.2023

Isabel Zuniga – Embracing the Challenge


With over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, Isabel Zuniga is always seeking the next challenge in her career.

Zuniga entered the construction industry by initially taking on a temporary position with another reputable general contracting company. She was working as a waitress at the time and had taken the job as just a way to gain some extra money. By the end of the three-month term, she was offered a full-time permanent position as an assistant to the Executive Assistant of the Contracts Department.

Zuniga laughs, “I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I thought to myself, what I'm going to lose! I was in that role for seven years after that. I was doing contracts; I had my own projects. I learned a lot from the CFO and CEO which created the foundation to my career path”.

When the Executive Assistant of the Contracts Department retired, Zuniga was promoted to project admin and moved out to a jobsite where she worked more hands on with the field crew and developed an understanding of the work being down on project sites. Zuniga was able to manage her first project and worked into managing a team of 50 people including project managers, architects and the site crew.

With a desire to keep learning and growing, Zuniga made the decision to transition to Castle as a project coordinator. Recognizing the importance of education for career advancement, she proactively committed to enrolling in school, determined to earn her degree. Zuniga is set to graduate next year in 2024 with her Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies and a minor in Business Administration.

Evolving Excellence

Zuniga was brought onto the Castle Newport Beach team for her diverse skill set and ability to undertake a range of tasks. Since the Newport Beach team was just starting up it was important that Castle got the right person in the position. Zuniga embraces a spectrum of responsibilities, “We do whatever it takes to get it done”, Zuniga explains, “I'm involved heavily with the Union here at Castle and I have my OSHA-30. Our Safety Manager, Steve Chavez have given me the green light to do the safety orientations for our location which is helpful for hiring for our region.”

The Castle office of Newport Beach is growing rapidly, serving the Orange County and Los Angeles regions. Zuniga explains, “It can seem a little overwhelming because it’s such a large area, but it's exciting because it's a new challenge and every day is going to be different. I'm very happy with it and I welcome this type of a challenge”.

In the Kitchen and on the Green

After some time in the industry, Zuniga's developed a passion for golf through invitations extended by local subcontractors. Receptive to new opportunities, Zuniga accepted these knowing it could be a great networking opportunity. She learned the sport and gradually expanded her participation in various events with external clients. Today she not only follows golf, but has her own set of clubs, and actively engages in tournaments.

Beyond her golfing pursuits, Zuniga channels her creativity into cooking and baking during her leisure hours away from work and school. She is best known for making phenomenal carrot cake, often requested from her colleagues and friends.

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