Editorial: 08.16.2023

Matt Mudd Connects Castle Teams with Equipment

Castle Logistics Manager Matt Mudd in front of construction equipment.

Matt Mudd’s workday kicks off at about 6 a.m. with a barrage of phone calls and text messages from Castle superintendents and foremen.  

In his position as logistics manager, Mudd connects his colleagues with the equipment, supplies and materials that enable teams to complete their daily work.

“My day starts when the projects get going and people request things to be moved…or their day has changed and they need a different piece of equipment or more supplies,” he says. “After they let me know what they need, I coordinate with my drivers to transport the appropriate materials to jobsites.”

What Does a Logistics Manager Do?

When available equipment is scarce, Mudd reaches out to his network of external vendors to secure additional resources. Other complications include not having enough trucks or drivers to fulfill the requests that he receives. “If you've got six pieces to move and you've only got four drivers to do it, things can get a little stressful,” he admits. “I have to call outside haulers and coordinate their availability so I can get the equipment to the jobsite in a timely manner.”

As Mudd’s workday winds down, he begins the task of running daily reports that compile all of the equipment and resources that were transported that day and what’s on deck for the next day. “We use a program called Dispatcher, which is like a live chess board where I coordinate the moves of every piece of equipment, whether it's owned or rented,” he says.

Mudd joined the Castle team in early 2021 after functioning in similar positions at McCarthy and its industrial business unit. Through these experiences, he’s honed the vital skills of multitasking and thinking on his feet. “It’s like a giant puzzle, and I'm moving puzzle pieces around to make sure everything gets to where it needs to be so our teams can keep working,” he says.

The Road to Castle

Growing up in the small town of Old Monroe, Missouri, Mudd initially pursued an architectural career and earned a bachelor’s degree in drafting and design at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg. After graduation, he secured a position at a small residential architecture firm, but the company ended up going out of business following the housing market crash of 2008.

That’s when Mudd pivoted to construction. “I went back and forth from laying sod and grading yards to working for the construction company that I had been drawing houses for,” he says.

In 2010, he landed a job as a yard worker for MC Industrial, McCarthy’s industrial business unit. “I was filling orders for jobsites, checking out equipment and ordering supplies,” he recalls. The following year, he was promoted to assistant yard manager, which involved loading trucks and ensuring that equipment was delivered to jobsites and returned to the yard to prepare for the next job.

Mudd took over as yard/warehouse manager for McCarthy in 2018, after MC Industrial and McCarthy merged its resources into a single yard.

Since bringing his logistics expertise to Castle, Mudd has supported project teams across the company’s growing geographic footprint. “I enjoy helping to solve problems, and no two days are ever the same,” he says.

When he’s not fulfilling requests or compiling reports, Mudd likes to engage in some good-natured fun. “I like to throw a little humor into the day to make it lighter,” he admits, citing a recent prank with the shared email calendar that Castle team members use to log their PTO schedules.

“People were adding unnecessary descriptions, like ‘My dog has a vet appointment’ or ‘The guy's coming to repair my dishwasher,’” he says. “So I made up this story that I was going to attend the parakeet training championships. Now, whenever I take PTO, people ask me whether I’ve won any parakeet competitions.”

Mudd lives in St. Peters with his wife, Jackie, and two sons: Hudson, 9 and Truman, 6. In his free time, he enjoys hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. “My family and I like to travel, hike and go boating on the river and the lakes,” he says.

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