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Site Demolition

Construction site preparation can require a variety of services, but every construction project needs site demolition. From demolishing old structures to locating and removing defunct utility lines, Castle Contracting does it all. We’re committed to performing safe lot clearing and land remediation services on time and on budget.

Lot Clearing

Preparing a lot for a new construction project means creating a clean slate. In the course of the lot clearing process, Castle can remove trees, brush, structures, debris, and soil to prepare the area for your new project. As full-service demolition contractors, we can also provide haul-off services for our site prep customers. Once all undesired materials are gone, we can grade and excavate the site in preparation for utility installation and construction of structures. In addition, our team will contour the surrounding areas for parking, landscaping, and drainage areas.

Land Remediation

As desirable land is repeatedly repurposed, an increasing proportion of site work projects begin with land remediation. Lingering health hazards and pollution must be resolved by a qualified and reputable site demolition contractor. If you’re getting ready to start work on a compromised parcel, engage Castle Contracting to remove and dispose of subsurface rock and contaminants for you.


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Brian Carlson

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