dirt haul-off services

Dirt Haul-Off Services

Many commercial construction projects involve a monumental task: moving lots of dirt and removing large rocks. Castle Contracting’s earthmoving team can help ensure the success of the site preparation phase of your construction projects. Our commitment to outstanding service and our thorough understanding of earthmoving operations means your project will stay on schedule. We have achieved fast-track schedules utilizing as many as 110 trucks per day. We have also utilized RFID tags and drone flyovers to help us track hauling and earthmoving operations, which help inform the schedule. So, whether you need just a few loads hauled off or you need 300,000 yards of dirt brought in, we have you covered.

During design and preconstruction phases, Castle will evaluate the project site to balance the earth as much as possible. We look to utilize the available material on site and maximize your budget. When it’s determined that either import or export is needed, Castle will properly source or dispose of soils as needed.

Why Choose Castle for Dirt Hauling Services?

Our company culture is centered around professionalism, quality service, and hard work. Our team members have a special talent for troubleshooting issues before they arise, and they collaborate with other stakeholders to keep each project on schedule and within budget. Our repeat clients choose to partner with us because we consistently deliver outstanding results and peace of mind.

Castle Contracting looks forward to helping you with your next construction project. Contact Brian Carlson to discuss your upcoming dirt haul-off needs.


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Brian Carlson

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