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Soil Compaction

Soil Compaction

For many types of construction projects, the site preparation process includes soil compaction. Installing backfill materials in lifts and compressing with specialized equipment creates a bearing compacity for installation of building foundations, pavements, and more stabilized embankments. Properly compacted earth material also prevents water infiltration and promotes proper drainage. This process is key to the beginning steps of a solid construction project.

Soil Compaction Methods 

Everybody has seen heavy roller equipment at highway resurfacing projects. Roller compactors are a common method for preparing construction sites too, but there are many other options available. Soil compaction equipment utilizes some combination of percussion, pressure, kneading and vibrating to compact soils. Sites with high moisture content typically require alternative methods in addition to standard compaction practices.

Castle field teams use years of experience to evaluate sites and work with the geotechnical engineer reviewing soil composition, moisture levels, and project specifications to select the best compaction methods to achieve optimum results for a project. Castle can provide earthwork practices as well as manage specialty applications to best fit your needs.

Why Choose Castle Contracting for Soil Compaction? 

Compaction of soil in construction site preparation is a critical component of a successful project. With extensive experience in the sitework sector, Castle Contracting knows how to provide exceptional quality in any situation. Our team works hard to deliver outstanding results on tight timeframes and within strict budgets. Castle offers turnkey solutions to clients by handling everything from site selection to soil compaction to subsurface utility mapping.

We look forward to discussing how Castle Contracting can assist you through your site preparation phase. For reliable soil compaction services, contact us online or reach out directly to Brian Carlson.


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