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Utility-Scale Solar

When completing your utility-scale solar project, we respect time constraints and stay committed to quality. This approach provides an important working balance that continually yields positive outcomes for our solar clients. By applying the latest technologies like drone footage, subsurface utility mapping and infrared photos, we’re able to increase productivity and quality simultaneously.

Castle Contracting’s work on utility-scale solar projects is focused on clearing, excavation, soil remediation, grading, trenching and SWPPP. Our work effectively prepares the site for the installation of the solar panels and the accompanying infrastructure. With expansive experience working with utilities, our civil construction team is the best choice for your solar project.

As utility-scale solar projects happen more and more frequently, it is imperative to hire a team that is experienced in taking on these complex projects. Castle Contracting is prepared to help with the following aspects of your solar project: 

  • Stringent schedule adherence
  • Grade control
  • Watershed management
  • Regulatory oversight
  • Design reviews

Silicon Ranch

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Rattlesnake Solar Plant — Weld County, CO

16 MWac, 21.78 MWdc. 

Millington Solar Plant — Millington, TN

52 MWac, 68 MWdc. 

Jonesborough Solar Farm — Jonesborough, TN

6.1 MWdc. 

Cumberland — Elkmont, AL

20 MWac.

Green Power EMC, Hazlehurst II — Hazlehurst, GA

52.5 MWac, 71.28 MWdc. 

Selmer North I Solar Facility — Selmer, TN

16 MWac. 

Selmer North II Solar Facility — Selmer, TN

8 MWac, 10 MWdc. 

Providence — Denmark, TN

20 MWdc, 15MWac. 

Castle has delivered multiple sitework projects for Silicon Ranch’s solar facilities via an Engineer Procure Construct (EPC) method. The solar facilities typically include sitework, fencing, foundations, single-axis racking system, tracker system, panels, electrical system and substation. Although each site varies, Castle self-performs clearing, grading, excavation, soil remediation, utility trenching and SWPPP. 

Coronal Energy

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Palmer Solar Center — Troy, VA 

5 MWac, 7.27 MWdc – 57 acres

Essex Solar Center — Dunnsville, VA

21 MWac, 26.6MWdc – 170 acres

Martin Solar Center, Kents Store — VA

5 MWac, 6.76 MWdc – 27.2 acres

Martin Solar Center — Kents Store, VA

5 MWac, 6.76 MWdc – 27.2 acres

All three Coronal projects are single-axis tracking photovoltaic solar facilities. The projects required an aggressive schedule so the facilities could start generating power for their clients on time. Weather impacts included four to six inches of rain in a couple of days and most sites were not conducive to handling that water. Castle primarily worked overtime, including nights and weekends, and brought in additional manpower to compensate for weather days lost to stay on schedule. 



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Kentuck Solar Farm — Danville, VA

This 6 MWac, 8.13 MWdc solar farm project was delivered via the Engineer Procure Construct method. The project presented a few challenges, including working through winter with an impact of rain and snow. Black bears also were prevalent, leading to a special safety program protocol for trash and housekeeping. Castle also encountered unforeseen conditions including subsurface rock, which required remediation. Despite the challenges, Castle completed the work without negatively impacting the schedule.

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