Editorial: 03.30.2023

Digging with Impact: 10 Perks of Working in Civil Construction

Castler worker at jobsite

There are many reasons why someone might choose to work in civil construction.  

Perhaps they’re drawn to the adventure of operating heavy equipment and working in wide-open spaces. They may be intrigued by the challenges of working underground to install utilities infrastructure. Or maybe they want to follow in the footsteps of friends or family members who paved the way for them.  

Every Castle employee has a personal story of how he or she first discovered civil construction — and what keeps them energized about their work.  

10 Reasons We Love Working in Civil Construction 

Here are 10 reasons our people cite for enjoying every day on the job. 

  1. Setting the pace on projects

The civil construction crew is often the first team to begin working on a new project, which offers crew members the opportunity to set the pace for the entire project. 

  1. Every jobsite — and day — is different 

Monotony is rarely a complaint of someone who works in civil construction. The jobs are fast-paced, and there’s a different challenge to solve every day.  

  1. Opportunities to make your mark 

Whether someone works in estimating, spends the majority of their time on jobsites or functions in a hybrid role, civil construction provides opportunities to end each workday with a sense of accomplishment.  

  1. Work in a variety of locations 

Castle supports a large volume of commercial and utility work in cities and suburbs. However, many civil projects such as renewable energy take place in more rural areas, which can be an ideal fit for individuals who grew up in rural communities or are more comfortable working outside the hustle and bustle of the city.  

  1. Small teams have big impact 

Civil construction teams tend to be small, but the work they perform has an enormous impact on important building and infrastructure projects. 

  1. Getting physical 

For folks who enjoy a highly physical job, civil construction definitely fits the bill. It can involve operating large machinery, moving a vast volume of dirt and installing pipe in deep excavations, among other demanding tasks. 

  1. Always on the move 

The mobility of the job appeals to folks who are energized by constant movement and minimal downtime. If sitting behind a desk all day long is a career goal, then civil construction is probably not a good fit. But for those who enjoy staying active and busy, it’s a terrific option.  

  1. Fast-track projects 

The civil phase of many smaller construction projects is measured in days or weeks rather than months or years. That means there’s the potential opportunity to work on many different project assignments—sometimes concurrently.  

  1. Collaboration with teammates 

Many Castle team members mention teamwork and camaraderie with their colleagues as their favorite part of the job. Tight-knit civil construction crews bond with each other and develop a close rapport that often transfers from job to job.  

  1. An environment of constant learning 

One thing is for sure: you're never going to be a know-it-all in the world of civil construction. The tools, resources and technology are always evolving, and the ongoing challenges continue to keep team members on their toes.

Start Your Civil Construction Career with Castle!

If you want to work in a dynamic work environment where you can make an impact, civil construction could be for you. Whether you're new to the field or an experienced professional, there's room for you on our team. To learn more about our partners and what it’s like to work at Castle, visit our Career Insights.  

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