Effective Site Development for Streamlined Projects

Because a construction project is very complex, a highly specific plan is required for the entire process – from concept to completion. One of these important pieces is site development, and the creation of a site development plan. 

What Is Site Development in Construction? 

Site development is the preparation of the land on which the project will be constructed. This earthwork has to be done before the construction or installation can begin. Site development takes into account the physical features of the land and what must be done to get it ready. An example of site development is removing boulders or hills so a parking area can be installed or preparing a site for the underground utilities that will be required to connect a building to sewage, electricity and other major utility infrastructure.

What Is a Site Development Plan? 

A site development plan shows the basic configuration and layout of a site. It is the blueprints for all the development needed for an area to be ready for installation. An effective site development plan reduces overall project costs by helping contractors avoid expensive errors. 

A site development plan includes: 

› Property lines

› Site cross section drawings

› Site plans

› Conceptual grading and surface drainage plans

› Conceptual utility plans

› Building and structure elevations

› Street layout and parking

Castle Contracting performs site development as a service. We streamline the construction process with turnkey civil site development services, including civil design. We will also contract and manage all subcontractors and scopes of work associated with the site plan.

What Is the Purpose of a Site Development Plan? 

The purpose of a site development plan is to show the public, local planning commission and city council the proposed layout of a site. A site development plan must be submitted and approved before building permits can be obtained. It is also critical for the construction project manager so he or she can manage the various teams and stages involved in the process. Having everyone on the same page is vital for efficiency. 

Creating an Effective Site Development Plan 

There are several factors to consider when creating a site development plan: the property lines, geographical layout of the site, drainage plan, utility terminals and so on. No two projects are the same, and the difficulties one might encounter vary from site to site. 

Site development plans are not always cut-and-dried, but here are a few things the Castle team always does in the process of creating an effective plan:

› Try to foresee potential issues with the site before they come up. This can help lower costs by reducing risks due to unknowns. 

› Go through site and architectural plans with engineers and architects to figure out what infrastructure is required to support the proposed building.

A site development plan should always be created by a trusted professional. Learn more about Castle Contracting’s site development services.


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