Design-Build Services

Design-build companies provide project owners with two partners in one contract by facilitating both the design phase and construction process of a new build. With one entity responsible for the whole project’s progress, budget, appearance, and functionality, there is never a question of accountability.

Changes to construction projects are inevitable; design-build firms address those changes through group innovation and problem solving. The entire team – architects, engineers, general contractor, and construction manager – collaborates from start to finish.

Design-Build Companies are In Demand

It’s hard to believe that design-build services used to be considered an alternative approach to creating new buildings. About half of America’s construction projects are now delivered by design-build companies, and for good reason. Design-build firms streamline the process for the owner, who is no longer responsible for resolving conflict between the design team and the construction team. In addition, research shows design-build construction projects are completed 36% faster and experience 3.8% less cost growth over the course of the project versus the design-bid-build project delivery system.

Why Choose Castle Contracting?

Castle Contracting’s design-build services allow us to maintain continuity from the design phase through construction. When our in-house design and construction experts come together to collaborate on a project, we provide peace of mind to project owners by delivering continual progress, open communication and transparency.

Castle believes that by combining our whole team’s expertise to complete a project, we can create the best possible outcomes for project owners and everyone who will live, work, or play in the newly constructed building. Complete our contact form to learn more about Castle’s design-build services. Or contact Brian Carlson to discuss your upcoming design-build construction needs.


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