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Construction Site Analysis and Evaluation

Site analysis and evaluation is a critical step that can lead to massive changes in site choice, design, and construction. Doing the necessary research and planning at the start not only ensures successful site preparation, but also helps the owner make informed decisions on project direction. By engaging Castle’s integrated construction and design team early, we can help to overcome any obstacle to streamline the whole project.

Construction Site Evaluation Services

Site analysis and evaluation are critical steps that can influence site choice, design, and construction. Doing the necessary research and planning at the beginning ensures successful site preparation and helps the property owner make informed decisions on project direction. When you engage Castle’s integrated construction and design team early, we can help overcome any obstacle to streamlining the whole project.

Site Analysis Services

Every future construction project should begin with a thorough site analysis. These are just a few aspects of the analysis services you can expect from Castle Contracting:

US Construction Cost Forecast

Our industry is constantly evolving. We can provide expert insight into construction cost inflation, changes to the costs of materials, new regulations on prevailing wages, and other cost inputs. Our construction costs services can help shape decisions taken by our team and by the property owner.

Zoning Guidance

Zoning and acquiring municipal project approval are critical considerations for any construction project. The Castle team can confirm whether a new building’s intended purpose meets the property’s zoning guidelines. If zoning changes are necessary for the project, our team can help to navigate the process as quickly and cost effectively as possible. 

Regulatory Requirement Insights

Municipal, state, and federal regulations play an essential role in determining what can be built on a site and how it should be built. Castle’s site development experts advise clients about the limitations and opportunities presented by applicable codes and laws.

Natural Feature Analysis

Land features, soil conditions, on-site water, and other natural features will impact a new construction project's feasibility and cost estimates. Potential drainage and road access are additional physical considerations that significantly impact construction plans. By working with your site’s natural contours, we can often find opportunities to save costs by maximizing the site layout. 

Man-Made Feature Analysis

Existing aboveground structures, utilities, and buried structures like old foundations are a few possible man-made features that must be addressed before site preparation work can begin. Our team’s subsurface utility mapping tools can reduce risks associated with unforeseen elements below the site.

Construction Evaluation Services

Once a site analysis is completed, the evaluation phase begins. Just because you can build on a site doesn't mean you should. This phase of design and preconstruction is when we consider alternative locations for a project. Or, if the property is set but the building design is flexible, we may work with the architect and general contractor to consider altering the layout to optimize the site. The Castle team can provide invaluable insight and expertise in matching your project to an appropriate location.

Why Choose Castle Contracting for Site Analysis and Evaluation?

Since 1995, Castle Contracting has maintained a reputation for exceptional site development and preconstruction service. We are proud to be known for our creative solutions and project success. To see for yourself what a difference we can make for your construction project, contact us today. Or contact Brian Carlson directly to discuss your site analysis and evaluation needs.


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