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Horizontal Directional Drilling Services

Horizontal Drilling Services

For projects in complex environments, horizontal, or lateral, drilling provides a flexible option for underground utility installation.

When compared to conventional excavation and trenching, horizontal drilling – also known as underground directional boring – is a less invasive way to install utility infrastructure underneath motorways, rail lines, bodies of water, or sensitive jobsites. With a directional drilling rig that installs utilities along a narrow path underground, directional drilling offers a minimal-impact underground utility service method. Contractors, especially when working in dense urban or environmentally or historically sensitive areas, rely on horizontal drilling to minimize surface impact and keep jobsite disruptions to a minimum.

What Horizontal Drilling is Used For

Horizontal directional drilling is a common service for roadwork sites or other construction projects that cover a large environmental area. Many urban construction projects also choose horizontal drilling for their underground utility installation as lateral drilling equipment is equipped to maneuver in areas with more confinement and have minimal impact on the landscape.

Horizontal drilling is an ideal solution when low-disturbance installation of specific infrastructure components is critical to the project, including:

  • Cables and conduits
  • Gas lines
  • Water lines
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Wastewater piping

Deploy Trenchless Technology on Your Next Jobsite

Project owners rely on directional drilling companies like Castle to meet expectations. We utilize our horizontal drilling equipment to support your project’s needs and accomplish the task according to your schedule.

Partner with an experienced, respected horizontal directional drilling contractor for exceptional results. Contact us today to get started.

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