preconstruction services

Preconstruction Services

Commercial builders count on Castle Contracting for reliable, full-spectrum preconstruction services. 

We collaborate early with teams to conduct a constructability review and develop realistic budgets. Our civil engineers are crucial for projects with many unknown conditions or widespread utility considerations. And Castle’s extensive experience with earthmoving services allows us to offer an expert perspective on site balancing, which can save money on fill dirt hauling or import. The thoughtful approach our team takes during preconstruction can help to mitigate costly risks during construction.

Constructability Review

The preconstruction phase is a critical time for identifying opportunities to deliver a better-quality product to the client. As part of the constructability review phase, Castle Contracting’s team evaluates the project’s draft plans, technical specifications, and proposed bid schedule to make sure that the design can be efficiently and safely built and that the site design and construction process is logical and optimal. Our team leans on decades of experience to maximize each project’s quality and timeline while controlling costs whenever possible.

Construction Preparation

Castle’s preconstruction review typically includes a site visit, so the team can perform an in-person exploration and thorough assessment of the site to fully understand the area’s physical conditions. Existing structures, utilities, and other physical attributes are not always evident from photographs, written descriptions, or historical documents. These conditions can have a tremendous impact on timetables and budgets, so it’s important to mitigate these challenges before construction or account for them in the project execution plan.

Why Choose Castle?

Castle Contracting provides unmatched customer service during the preconstruction phase of each project. We strive to be a valuable, collaborative partner during each site preparation project by providing agile and responsive project construction services. We work hand-in-hand with engineers and architects to make sure solutions are constructible, smart, and efficient while minimizing unknowns.

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