value engineering

Value Engineering

Value engineering (VE) is a process of optimizing the value of a project by examining its function and costs. The main goal of VE is to reduce costs without visibly sacrificing the project’s primary functions or goals. Secondary functions (aesthetics, for example) are negotiable when it comes to increasing the project’s value. Castle collaborates with clients to understand expectations, needs, wants, likes and budget to provide design efficiency and effectiveness that meets project requirements and goals. However, we know that circumstances and budgets can fluctuate and change so clients need our guidance to get to the essentials for a project to maintain viability. We help them to focus on the needs and strip away some of the likes and wants for the project to move forward.

Through VE we can impact a project’s value by improving its function or reducing its cost – or both. We can analyze the design and determine if certain features or functions of a project can be changed or removed and share those cost saving opportunities with the client.

Benefits of Value Engineering

Design is a collaborative and iterative process and value engineering is a component of our design phase services. VE can optimize the site and deliver many benefits to project stakeholders.

Value engineering can:

  • Improve design
  • Optimize quality
  • Ensure functionality
  • Control costs
  • Increase construction efficiency
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction

Value Engineering Services from Castle Contracting

Through VE we can examine additional ways to reduce cost, and that savings is passed on to the client. The Castle team knows what it takes to maximize a site development project. We have helped organizations optimize their site design and development processes for projects varying in size and complexity.

You can contact us online or reach out directly to Brian Carlson to learn how our value engineering consultants can help you optimize your upcoming construction project.



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Brian Carlson

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