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Trenching Services

Trench digging services are absolutely essential to underground utility installations and repairs. Castle Contracting’s utilities experts have the tools and experience necessary to complete trenching services of any scope or level of complexity. 

Trench Digging Services by Castle Contracting

We bring unique capabilities to each trenching project. Our crews can begin your trenching project by performing underground utility mapping to identify any existing buried structures. This minimizes unplanned delays and reduces incidents that require additional repairs.

Castle Contracting employs several trenching methods as necessary to achieve optimal results for various types of projects. We carefully select the right equipment for your project, soil type and buried obstructions. This includes trenchless technology such as directional boring in areas where open excavations are best avoided due to safety or access.

We often perform trench-digging services as part of our involvement in the construction of utility-scale solar facilities. Trenching plays an important role in solar site development, setting the installation up for long-term success. 

Trenching Services Near Me

Whether you’re planning for an upcoming construction project or facing an emergency utilities repair situation, Castle Contracting trenching services can help. 

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